31 december 2011

Night Skiing

We went out for a night ski tour yesterday night, I finished the day of with some Cross Fit back home in my house. If you don't have artificial light that show you where to ski you just might as well bring your own. Our attempt were to Alta chute 2 but we had to turned around because of lack of light. Hard to judge the snow when you see nothing. We did get to see a amazing sunset though.

Sunset, to the left you can see Alta Chute 1 & 2.

We got some soft snow as a reward when we turned around!

29 december 2011

More ice!

Yesturday Daniel and I went out for some more ice climbing after he was done working. The ice was varied, we could find everything from nice hooks to wet sticky ice to hard cold and weak ice. Felt really good to be back out, with a stronger body and better technique. I was most happy about my way of thinking. I trusted myself at all times and I never doubted myself. I also got a matching christmas present from Daniel, a book about how to manages fear specificly when climbing. But that could also be used at any other time. We might not have the best snow right now but the ice is for sure world class at this moment. UPS arrived with some new running shoes when I got back home today, New Balance minimus. They are so light, no extra heavy material with a low sole so you don't sprain your ankles.Yes, I look forward taking them out for a run. Today, however, I content myself with an intense cross fit workout on my room.

Daniel coming up solo climbing, or self belaying.


When making a knot on the rope you have to use the whole body.

Putting on his glove. And yes, I have a great headlamp from the Swedish company Silva. 

27 december 2011

US Santa

Yesterday we had American Christmas. As you might know  Europe celebrate on the Dec 24 and America on Dec 25. This is so Santa have time to visit all people around the world =) It was a big morning for all kids with a bunch of presents. I did it my own way, after dinner I collect my ski gear and went out for a night tour up on Bald Mountain here in Tellurie. 20 minutes to midnight I reached the summit after a 2 hours and 15 min skin through the ski area. The starts was amazing, we had cero moon light so the stars was poking my eyes. It was a cristal clear night and really cold with a soft side wind. On my way down I used my monster to headlamp that lit up my whole field of sight. Great and amazing beautiful veiws. Today I was Cross Country- or actully Skate skiing after I was done skiing downhill. So much fun, me and a friend just went out for 30-40 minutes in the sunset down in Telluride town park. I took this last picture driving out of town, don't be foold if looking careful at the picture and you don't see any snow. That's main street and they do a great job maintain it clear through almost the whole winter. 

Santa was here!

Topp of Baldi, getting ready to ski down.

Telluride buy late afternoon/night, in the background you can see Ajax.

25 december 2011


I hope all of you got what you wished for from Santa. He brought me a brand new pair of ski from Wagner Custom. I skied them today and for the fist time I felt solid and like a pretty good skier =) You know that if you sharpend your edges time to time the ski actually grip on the snow and ice. And you know what, if you give your skis some food (wax) now and then you can ski away from everybody! Try it, it's a nice feeling! It's Christmas evening and I found some old pictures on my computer and dreaming back and once again realise what's worth living for, all you good friends, the one I already have and all of you that I will get the honor to meet in the future! And all the amazing and wonderful things we get to experience together. You are the best gift I have ever been given!

Thanx Pete Wagner! 

24 december 2011


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Today we went snowmobiling up to Alta Lakes close to Telluride. We had a great blue bird day and even had time to get some skiing in the afternoon. I also picked up an early Christmas gift from santa, a pair of new Wagners Skis from Wagner Custom Skis! Sweet, can't wait to ski them tomorrow!

Beautiful X-mas tree!

Fresh clean water stream through small piles of cold snow creating a layer of hoar-frost on topp of the it.

Old ghost town left from the miner, 400 people used to live here. 

Who forgott his/her truck. I know where it is, you can pick it up at Alta Lakes :)

22 december 2011

Ice Climbing Intro

Today Henry and I went out ice climbing. This was an introduction for the kid to what can be done on skis if you know more both about your self and how to use proper gear. Ice climbing training, believe it or not, will get skiing to feel easy when we are doing something that is more exposed on the mountain. Today was a day to conquer his mental fears so he could be more prepared on the next journey. Period. It was a good day! =) After we where done I had to drive pick up some meat for our big New Year Party. Snow was coming down hard onto the windshield, and it was hard to see. Hopefully we will get to ski powder tomorrow!

Sex on ice! (guess what movie?) Or sorry. I ment, axe on ice =)

Half way, shitting bricks =)

Nice Spikes!

Last stretch!

First Repell for the young guy.
Well done Henry!

18 december 2011

Forgott Swamp

Two days ago me and Mike where out in Swamp again and got some more powder and vertical meter to our winter.

US Grants in the background, named after the former pressident.

Milking turns.

Great colorful from Peak Performance and POCsports =)

San Jaquin Chute from Vally X

We where a crew of 10 people and one dog skining up from Vally X early yesterday morning. It become to be a long day out in the feld and, 10 people through San Jaquin chute this early in the season means not a load snow, especaly not that stick to the rock. So as the 6 person down it was more mountenering than skiing. But I succssed to pull out my camera and take some pictures and the run got to be a well needed mind reminder.

He is my dealer!!! =)

On top of the chute!

In the chute, it dosen't look steep but were I'm standing it's good 50 degree.

Once your down you got to enjoy the warm sun.

Coming out from the chute it opens up and you can do GS turn. 

Willi, Wiii!

Willi getting some soft turns.

The snow looks like fire.

16 december 2011

First day in Telluride!

Here is some pictures from my first day in Telluride. We skied Centerline and Swampcanyon in Vally X. This are two separate runs, both with one hour or slightly longer skin. It starts at 3000 meter and reach up to around 4000 meters. Fisrt run I did with Mike in Centerline and then he had to leave for some errands so I joined up with Daniel and took a second run in Swampvally, that was deep! =) Later same evening me and Daniel went ice climbing for 2,5 hours.

Mike get some nice turns. Love the shadow!

Okey, it was deep the first run two.

You have to ski close to me went I use this lens was my word to Mike, and he did!

Daniel milk some powder on top of Swampvally. Clodes came in and the light for taking more picture was pointless. So you just have to trust me, it was good! =)

13 december 2011


New post

Leaving for Telluride in less than 24 hours. 06.00 am tomorrow morning I depart from Stockholm. I been gone for a while now but now I'm back. Last weeks I been touring around Sweden searching for snow. Sälen, Funäsdalen, Åre and finally Vemdalen where we found it. Got some snow, 10-20 inches last week. I was working with a Level 2 ski instructor course and we had an awesome week. I was offerd work when we where done, that uaselly mean you done something good. I will hopefully come back to Sweden in january and have a lecture about leadership and communication. Fun! I also been cheating with my camera, promise I will do better when I get to Telluride so I can give you al some nice winter picture for Christmas and New Year. You can also follow me on Facebook, both on Staffan Björklund and Scandinavian Freeskiers!

The shadow of me. I'm getting ready to tuck. Love this shot, it have a lot of potensial. The wind make the snow whirl around me, it turned out to be a cool effect!

1 december 2011

I was running yesterday, a trail called "reflex track". It work this way, they put up reflectors along the trail and when you run with a headlamp in the darkness the reflectors reflect so you can see exactley where to run. It's specaly beautiful when it's snow everywhere on the ground, on the trees and the air is all crispy. What I didn't thought about was that this new fresh thin layer of snow that we got last night cover all reflectors and you lose track of where you are easy... So I was free running in the forest for little more than one hour. This is pure freedom for me, it's completley silent, so calm and you just fight against your own thoughts. Running on the line of giving up, but the curiosity of what's around the next corner motivate me run through most pain. This is a constant fight between your mind and your body. You are tyerd, it's slippery and you don't know how much futher you have to go, you jus know that you have to keep on going. Not because you have to, because you what to. To see how and what you can achieve, maybe for someone else but hopefully for your self. This process can be refered to most things in life is my beleive.
More yesterday I planed next week, when me and two other instructors will lead a level 2 ski instructor course in Vemdalen. Hopefully we get some more cold weather and loads of snow in near future. Right now, here in Östersund they hold the season premier for Biathlon World Cup. Check it out!

Here you can see a poor picture of the hill/slope where we are running up and down. The lake infront is Storsjön.

Moon light!