31 januari 2012



Peter Shreddar!
John like to ski some more powder.

Keni looks agressive and he likes it! 

Keni leads and John comes up close behind him skiing blindly.

Skinning through La Grave!!!

John get first tracks.

Snowing hard, hard!

Final run and it turned out to be the best. We feelt the love today and we will feel it more tomorrow.

La Grave!

Here is some pictures from yesterday. Now we are in La Grave, Keni, John, Peter and I cross our fingers for this storm that is predicted. We hope for a bid dump. This place is big and have great potential and is not for begginers. One lift with 250 people an hours as maximum lift capacity makes it very quiet. The mountain is big and there are a lot of things to be done here, both skiing and ice climbing. Stay tuned and you get more down load later!

Bottom station, Keni watching the cable car coming in.

Some nice art half way up.

Very top, more people comes up.

Keni skiing the colouiar!

Tunnel down the colouir towards John whos waiting at the bottom.

27 januari 2012

A day by my self.

I had a day by myself when Sara left yesterday morning and I did some skiing. Great weather made it possible for my to do some run I been looking at during the week I been here. Today when I woke up it was rainy and the valley was coverd in fog so I decided to have a calm day with some rest, easy running and some strength, core and upperbody. Lot of thoughts have gone through my head and mind while doing this. It's interesting how you get to know your self in another way when you just spend time with just yourself. I saw a sentence some days ago that been spinning around within me since than; it said: "The one how follows the crowd will uaually get no further than the crowd. The one who walkes alone, is likley to find himself in places no one have ever been." I'm still thinking of this, that it take and needs a lot of courage to walk the path.  Courage can be hard, it requiers a lot from you as a person, you have to be in a exclusive mode, where you feel good and happy within yourself. You have to face it and live with it in saticfaction, the person you are. That's hard but what I think and believe in roght now. It's a process that continues through the rest of everyones life. I know that much, that you are not alone thinking this thoughts. Tomorrow I hope to ski some powder up high, hopefully in Champex-Lac with Mike. It's snowing up high and raining down low. It feels like tree skiing is coming up around the corner. Fist a good night sleep!

First run yesterday, don't know the name but it was a shit show on the top when I entered the colouiar, because you can see the top of it from the ski area. So people almost lost their mind when I entered. It might be 45 degree at the top and levels out further down.

Second run yesterday, the E.N.S.A. colouiar from top of Brevent. Good north facing slope with cold snow.

Chamonix and Le Arve valley. E.N.S.A. ends down in the avalanche path in the lower left corner. I'm at the top of the run when I'm taking this picture. This is a classic run from Brevent. Just below the sun you see the top of Mont Blanc, central europes highest summit, 4810 meter above sea level. (14430 feet)

25 januari 2012

Today, Grand Monte!

Some pictures from Grand Monte and Sara skiing powder today. The funny thing is that her clothes from Elevenate is called Le Lavancher (the model), and gues where we are skiing. Just that run, Le Lavancher on Grand Monte, a classic run in Chamonix valley. This are taken late in the afternoon too so it means that no one else were here. That made us happy! Tomorrow she is leaving and I'm left by my self here for another three days before I meet up with Keni and Peter in La Grave on sunday!

Powder and some of the best turns today!


Elevenate, model Le Lavancher. On the sign you'll see the same name, Le Lavancher.

Taken from our room in Chamonix and hotel Richemond!

Nice position, spray and backdrop!

24 januari 2012


This is how our turns looked like on Brevent today when they opened up the high area. Everything blowe 2000 m (6000 feet) is baked by the sun and solid hard... But we found this and as long you stay high you are all good.

Sara skiing soft snow!


Freeride World Tour pictures!

Scoping lines!

Gues what mountain?

It looks so cool when snow are sluffing down the face, can you see the rider?

Reine (to the left) finished second in Chamonix.

Sara, Erik & Christne. Erik dropping some last advices to Christine before her run. Erik fell unfortantley.

Erik Summerheim

This is where he fell, you can see him if you look close. He is on the tongue of snow that almost runs horizontal, right here coming down back first.

23 januari 2012

ÖtillÖ 3 spet 2012

I just heard they released 2012 positions for Island to Island (ÖtillÖ) and after 20 minutes all spots where fild and sold out! Congratulations Mats and Micke for this awesome race you organize in the most beautiful archipelago in the world! THIS is more than a race, it's a personal growth journey where you challage your mind and way of handle pain as much as your body!

Photo taken by Caroline Petterson. Last aid station of the race and we where both cramping here but just had another  45 minutes to the finish line. 


In Chamonix, where it all started, the freeskiing history. Been supporting good friend today competing in the Freeride World Tour. Reine finished second and Erik tumbled down a big rock face after he got stuck in some small trees. Pictures will come later! =) Tomorrow skiing again, don't know where but we figure something out! =)

After dinner last night, I had to go to the dentist and get my teeth fixed as you can see but now they are all good again =)

19 januari 2012

Leaving Åre

Tomorrow I'm leaving Åre for Sthlm. Early Saturday morning me and Sara fly down to Chamonix were we will spend some days before I meet my friends in La Grave on january 29. Maybe I will head over to Saas Fee our Mürren and catch up with Himay and Co if he/they arrive in time. That would be so much fun. Also we are supporting a good friend on Sunday when he wil compete on the Freeski World Tour in Chamonix. Sara and he was the to people who supported me and Jonas through the island to island (ÖtillÖ) race in earley september were you run and swim through the Stockholm Archipelago for around 9-15 hours. So I thought it must be pay back time for me to cheer him on now =) Today I been skiing in my new boots, I got the new Dalbello Touring boots, feels great but ofcourse I need some time to break them in. After lunch Sara and I helped a girl finish her exam for taking people with disabillitys skiing. She was really happy and I got to ski some "skicarts". That was a lot of fun and a long time ago since last  time I did it!

Skicart and very happy!

17 januari 2012

Easy day tour in Åre

Looks like it would be cold living here!

Nice light and view!

Trying to get it to move.

Glad I was not left over in this lift since last time it was running.

Starting the de-iceing
Down in the village of Åre it was a lid of fog, up high we meet the sun! We took a little afternoon tour and are soon heading out on a night tour under the stars! The snow formations up here are unik, when water cristals hits obsticals they freez to ice directly. That's way everything look like this! (The skiing isen't that great after a storm like this but it is sooo Beautiful!!!)

16 januari 2012


Just finished of a week in Sälen. Had a level 2 ski instructor course there. I yesterday arrived late to Åre, feels great to be here. Now I will probably be here for a week or so, than I head down to Switzerland and France. I got my ticket's to Japan today, between feb 19 to feb 29 I will be in Japan and Niseko. That something I really look forward to but first the Alps.

SCoTT, Scandinavian Collages of Travel and Tourism ending day of their Level 2 course.

7 januari 2012


Doing 25 Beurps with real push ups followed by 26 x 3 sit ups, followed by 15 x 3 push ups and finish of with another 55 core streaght sit ups every night before you go to bed and it will make a big different. That´s what I try to do now at lest 5-6 nights a week as fast as possible. Give it two weeks and you will feel you are getting stronger! =) Heading up to Sälen tomorrow morning for leading a level 2 ski instructor course. That mean I´ll soon be back on skis again. Been with my mum and brothers son all day today. We had a great day with Ice Hockey and some city saunter!

6 januari 2012


Now I'm back home in Sweden and Stockholm after three fantastic weeks in Telluride and its near by area. To summarize; first two weeks had a lot of deep and soft snow, last week - it was dry and super sunny but with amazing ice. And so much of it. I climbed most of the days. Buy the way, the ice festival in Ouray starts today.
So what's next, you will find out if you stay updated here on my blog but I can both promise and garanti excited inlays.
To start with something; I just sign up for two new races in march;

On march 3, POWER OF FOUR, Ski mountaineering race. Skin, ski and experience all four Aspen/Snowmass ski areas like never before. Read about the race on the link below;


March 30, The famous race called The Grand Traverse or Elk Mountains Grand Traverse. An extraordinary 40-mile backcountry ski race between the towns of Crested Butte and Aspen, CO.


This is my team buddy, See the picture! =)


1 januari 2012


Happy New Year! I wishes all of you the best for this upcoming year! Right now a lot of preparation for a big party goes on in side the house, 2 hours from now a lot of people are expected. But for me, I'm aiming for another night tour and to celebrate the New Year on top of a mountain with great friends! I hope to get some nice pictures that I can show you all later. Hopefully the moon light will help us tonight, it's cristal clear for the moment so it looks promising. First some workout, a nice shower, fancy clothes, tasty dinner, live music, lot's of people and than finally click in to my bindings, hear the wind, your skis dragging against the cold snow, skinning through the dark and get closer and closer to the stars. At the top give your best friends a big Hug, have a zip of natural water touching our tongues with an amazing view surrounded by mounatins. Finishing of with a great ski back down.

The day started with a broken arm.


Great live band at the house.

New Year Skin in the moonlight.