26 februari 2012

Niseko - Sapporo - Tokyo: Post No 101!

Last day in Niseko is over and we are packing our stuff...
Today's skiing was actully good, had some new fresh powder but no one really cares here now if there isn't 40 cm or more... What really made our stay here in Niseko so special are all the people we met and new friends we made! Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome and making our trip special!

At 4.30 am in the morning, our private shuttle bus will be picking us up and off we go to Sapporo Chitose Airport. We were able to get a killer deal on the shuttle, thanks to Mai who sorted this all out for us (The first offer was JPY 28.000 (USD 330) and she got us a ride for JPY 16.000)
Two very happy skibum-campers are now off to bed with our special friend Milow ready to sing for us at 4.00.

Our destination: Tokyo.
Let's see what the largest city in the world has to offer - very groovey!

Since this is my 101st blog post I would like to thank you all for checking in and reading my stories! There is more to come so stay tuned for the never ending tour...

This is what I have to live with in Japan. Compared to other door frames, this one is TALL!

Some nice features on the toilet.

This is for sure Snowboard paradise. Haven't seen that many snowboarders ever...

Our only ski action picture today! Cool ski school bus in the background.

Another amazing Japanes dinner w/ the mighty Macca and the wonderful Haji

Boys are cooking: Udon noodles, miso and a Sportsmen's tonic.

Macca, thank you so much for having us! Here is proof of another deep discussion about skiing at the Japanese dinner table ...

25 februari 2012

Adventures through Japanese Cuisine ...

6:30 am: waking up, tearing back the curtains, eager to see the piles of fresh pow - but it is just NOT happening!
So we decided to stress later and sleep in. I actually can not remember when I had a day not having to do a single thing!
"Hours" later, we ended up doing what we do best in Niseko: walking up the road to J-Sekka in full ski gear to have another mindblowing breakfast (home made granola and ice cream sandwiches - yep, ice cream for breakfast is a MUST for true sportsmen in this country) and then our day starts to shapen up...
As it turned out, we experienced another adventure through culinary Japan!

First we decided to do some extreme skiing: 3 runs on groomers is by far enough, riding a hilarious gondola from the 18th century watching other freerider shreddin' the groomed gnarl and exploring the one side of the mountain we actually have not skied yet.
Niseko United Ski Area is all about safety: as soon as you have about 3 km/h of wind, they close down half of the operation here - just to be on the safe side! Believe it or not, we have yet to discover those huge cravasses they warn you about on the mountain (please note, during summer this area basically turns into a jungle and there are absolutely NO glaciers on this island).

So at lunch time (probably about 30 min after we left our breakfast place) we meet up with Macca and he takes us to this cool mountain equipment shop/climbing hall/restaurant! The Japanese are very efficient and you usually get a three in one combo around here...
Almost starved to death, we order the biggest and most delicious blueberry milkshakes followed by salads, rolls and teriyaki rice bowls...

All three of us stumble back to Log Log Cottage to "Mac up", walk back to J-Sekka and re-assume position! More tea was ordered and our office action went off like a rocket...
While Macca and I discussed very important ski related issues, Babsi got on the phone, trying to change our flights so we get to spend some time in Tokyo.
Several hours !! later, Babsi is still talking to a customer representative of some sort, we get a quote of 5.000 US dollars per ticket if we wanted to change our flights!
Babsi, by now in full lawyer mode, is definitely not satisfied with this answer and kept bombarding that poor bloke with tons of questions and further inquiries. By then, steam was coming out of her ears but she finally got the right person on the line and was able to change the tickets for 350 dollars! In the meantime, our beloved Mai, the heart and soul of J-Sekka, was kind enough to keep the Cafe open so we can use the internet and finish our phone calls - customer service at its best. Deep down, she was probably really scared of Babsi and did not dare to throw us out! Hilarious!

And what do you do afterwards: have dinner at Tuk Tuk, the center of the culinary universe, of course!
Tomoko was already in full position and whipped up our amazing slow-food dinner - there is no stress at Tuk Tuk what so ever and we l o v e it! We finished off our adventure at "Fridge Bar" with Vino Rosso, a Brandy Chocolate Mousse and some Chai...

Tomorrow will be our last day on the hill, hopefully skiing powder as its dumping right now! FINALLY! But one never knows for sure and we shall see tomorrow morning when I eagerly draw back the curtains again...
Then, we are off to Tokyo for a couple of days - shopping, onsen, 5* Hotel... as you do as a professional ski bum!

Stay tuned!


... and the famous ice cream sportsman sandwiches... 

Bob the builders!

Spell your name with Japanes perfection.

Let's eat!! =)

Team Tuk Tuk!

Pole position. Hokkaido on our backs.

The fridge and yes - this is the entry  to the bar. The fire department would not like this at all in Sweden, here they don't care.

Star Wars first soundtrack on vinyl.

24 februari 2012

Just eat it!

Well I know all of you are dying to hear about how much powder we are skiing in Japan & Niseko!? But that is so far not happening, in any case, depending on what for expectations you have. Four varietys of forecasts for the weekend tells us all different. So with their (Niseko skiresort) total snowfall this year being over 18 meter and having a 5 meter base we can't more than kindly wait, corss our fingers and hope for the best. - A big snow storm to hit us before we leave on tuesday. In the mean time we are enjoying ourselfs in other ways. I'm not telling you that the skiing suck, not at all. We had 7 runs in the waterfall trees today and it was all good. Powder and soft under fot. It's just the fact that, when you expect it to be waist deep powder after traveling for 4000 miles to ski this white gold, hearing big stories about deep fluffy pow and seen pictures of majestic white snow guch over your head. (or like Babsi called it when flying in to Sapporo, looking out the window sitting by the ayle and trying to look out,  - Is that white shit snow?) Yes, your expectaions are high and hard to reach up to even though we haven't had more than two runs in the grommers so far. You have seen the pictures and can tell we have had great skiing. I just like to show you more about what Niseko, or the towns real name, Hirafu, have to offer if you have to high of an expectation. Because it's not just about skiing. It's actually also about friendship, food, different cultures, learning, understanding and new experiences!

The best fish I have EVER aten, Rockfish!

At this place, the owner are talking to the table next to us. Love his outfit, particularly his boots! 

Fishplattern and a green salad, this is just the start!

First time I ate fresh Oysters, interesting.

This crab is the real deal!

Teambuilding! We achieved highest score possible, by Macca & Staffan!

What could be better than a tea after an AMAZING dinner!

Ezo Seafood!

Maybe a dessert on our way home in here! 

Gooood dessert! Almost look like a snowman.

Hirafu and the vulcano, M. Yeti looking after the town.

Log Log where Macca lives and we are to right now! 

Walking up the road for breakfast in the morning. 

They have small cars here, really small!

I found the snowman...


Do you like my new hair style, wote Yes or No if this is a GO or not... =)

23 februari 2012

One picture says more than 1000 words...

One pictures says more than 1000 words... That's all you have to read today, Enjoy!

Babsi happy after some nice turns.

Like this.

Or this.

American Skittle.

Postcard for Niseko next year.

Hej Hej!

Great first run of the day.


Big winds on the ridge on top but great soft skiing on the lee side.



Okey,  got it, if I duck here I will fit into the frame?

Beautiful trees and shadows. (And skier)

I'm in there somewhere. 

Hello, here I am.

5 min hike and some untouched turns above the tree mushroom.

Tukyo golf club house. 

Making some turns on the roof. Do not fall over, flat landning.

First ascent and descent on Tukyo glof club house.

Åre snow at the top, Broccoli!

Great opening hours!

Avalanche safety protocol.

Windy... Can't stad up straight...

Cold, wind and complete whiteout.

Last turns of the day.